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Keeping your teeth straight

Once your appliance has been removed and you have perfectly straight teeth, you want to keep them that way. That is where the role of retainers comes in.

Retainers are worn to keep your teeth straight while the bone and gums form and strengthen around the teeth in their new position.


5 top tips for keeping your teeth straight

1. Wear your retainer

Always take out and put in your retainers as you have been shown. You must wear your retainers at all times, 24 hours a day, for at least the first six months post-treatment.

Post-treatment care

2. Attend your appointments

It is very important that you still keep your appointments with us. After six months the orthodontist may ask you to adjust your retainers. A poorly fitting retainer can actually spoil your treatment.

Post-treatment care

3. Take them out to eat and drink

At first, eating and speaking with your retainers will be difficult. After a while your mouth will adjust to them and you will be able to speak as before! If you have been given a removable retainer, take this out before eating. If you remove the retainers they must be placed in the hard box for safekeeping while eating. We sell these boxes at the practice.

Post-treatment care

4. Keep your retainers clean

Your retainers must be removed for cleaning. They should be cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste on all surfaces making sure you clean all wires and plastic thoroughly.

Post-treatment care

5. Take care of your retainers

If you damage or lose your retainers do not wait until your next visit as your teeth may begin to move. Call immediately and we will arrange an emergency appointment for you. If you damage your retainers beyond repair or lose them there will be a charge for replacements, as NHS provides only one set of retainers.

Please note that failure to wear your retainers as instructed or to keep your appointments will result in your teeth becoming crooked again.

Post-treatment care