Your first visit

We look forward to getting to meet you during your first visit to Align & Smile Orthodontics. Whilst you are here, we’ll help you to become familiar with our practice and the different types of treatment that are available.

On your first visit you’ll have an examination so that we can learn about your orthodontic needs and we’ll discuss the best options and when the best time is to commence treatment. If we believe that you should start treatment immediately we will conduct a treatment consultation to explain every aspect of the treatments and to answer any questions you may have.

It’s not unusual for us to ask you to visit us a second time. This will help us to complete a full clinical diagnosis regarding any problems. We’ll then provide you with a treatment plan that details all of our findings and every aspect of your treatment.


Starting treatment

First visit

X-rays, photos and impressions for plaster study models of your teeth are taken. Your orthodontist will plan your treatment using these records. Very often, permanent teeth are removed when they are crowded and there is not enough space in the jaws for all of them. The extractions are done just before or just after the fitting of your braces.

Your first visit

Second visit

Your orthodontist will explain the treatment plan and the braces suitable for your condition. Before braces are fitted, separators (small plastic ‘doughnuts’) are placed between your molars for a week to create spaces for the molar bands.

Your first visit

Third and fourth visits

Bands are cemented and brackets are bonded to the front of your teeth.

Your first visit

Subsequent visits

(Every 4 to 8 weeks) Adjustments are made to the braces by way of wire-changes, adding springs, elastics or other accessories.

NOTE: Accessories are necessary to make your braces work. Elastics are often used to get your upper and lower teeth to bite together properly. Face masks, headgear or bite plates are sometimes used with fixed braces. It is very important to use all accessories exactly as you have been told, if not, progress of the treatment stops and may in some cases, reverse.

Your first visit

When treatment is completed

Your fixed braces will be removed at a debanding appointment, followed by removal of cement and the polishing of your teeth. Moulds of your teeth in their new positions are taken to make retainers. After your braces are removed, you will need retainers to hold your teeth in their new positions for the next few years.

Your first visit