Orthodontic treatment fees

At Align & Smile Orthodontics, our commitment to our patients isn’t just to achieve a beautiful smile with orthodontic treatment; it’s to make that beautiful smile affordable. We provide all of our patients with a bespoke quote for treatment at your initial orthodontic consultation. This quote is customised to the recommended treatment we believe you could benefit from. However, we also know patients like to have an idea of cost before coming to see us, so these prices below are a handy guide to work from.


Treatment Treatment cost OPTION 1
Pay in full and get fixed fee reduction of 5% off total price
0% interest with 8 months instalments
0% interest with 10 months instalments
(both jaws)
from £2,850 Cost: £2,850
Reduction: – £142.50
Total: £2,707.5
Deposit: £1500
Monthly: £168.75
Total: £2,850
Deposit: £1500
Monthly: £135
Total: £2,850
Metal braces
(both jaws)
from £2,650 Cost: £2,650
Reduction: – £132.50
Total : £2,517.50
Deposit: £870
Monthly: £222.50
Total: £2,650
Deposit: £870
Monthly: £178
Total: £2,650
Ceramic braces
(both jaws)
£3,250 Cost: £3,250
Reduction: – £162.50
Total : £3,087.50
Deposit: £975
Monthly: £284.38
Total: £3,250
Deposit: £975
Monthly: £227.50
Total: £3,250/td>
Lingual braces
(both jaws)
£10,000 Cost: £10,000
Reduction: – £500
Total : £9,500
Deposit: £3,000
Monthly: £875
Total: £10,000
Deposit: £3,000
Monthly: £700
Total: £10,000


X-rays Fillings
Photos of your teeth Tooth extractions
Study model of teeth Gum treatment
Appointments Any other dental treatment
Removable plastic retainers


Treatment Treatment Cost Consultation Includes
Mouth Biopsy with Oral Surgeon Ciro Gilvetti £350.00 30-minute consultation, treatment and histopathology report, with a 20-minute follow-up appointment (included in price).
Bonded Retainer Repair £150 per arch N/A
New Bonded Retainers £300 per arch N/A
Essix Retainer £200 per arch N/A


Treatment on the NHS

Treatment on the NHS is only available to those with the greatest health needs. Therefore, your health must meet new NHS criteria in order to qualify. Do not worry if you do not know what these are. We will determine this for you at your initial consultation.

NHS acceptance criteria

During your initial consultation we will assess you using the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN). It is a fair and reliable way to select those children who will benefit most from treatment.

The IOTN assesses two components:

  • Dental Health Component – Comprising of 5 grades, with each grade increasing in severity from 1 to 5.
  • The Aesthetic Component – A scale of 10 colour photographs is used, increasing in severity from 1 to 10.

Your child will then be scored based on both components and if they score above 3.9 then treatment will be provided on the NHS.

Treatment on the NHS

Private treatment

For the widest choice of options and a treatment plan that can fit around your lifestyle, private treatment is for you. Private patients are not restricted by any NHS acceptance criteria or age limitations. Absolutely anyone at any age can have private orthodontic treatment.

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Private treatment